Smart Charge
Mobile Phone / Tablet Charging stations

SmartCharge stations:

Charge: approx. 95% of all mobile phones on the market can be charged at our stations

Advertise: promote local / regional / national businesses to thousands of potential customers

Disinfect: SmartCharge stations feature a UV light that kills upto 99% of bacteria on your phone whilst charging

Everyone has run out of charge at one point or another while out and about. Our charging stations will charge 95% of all mobile phones in minutes. The only phones they wont charge are the older models that are no longer common. Our stations also charge tablets. (Ipad / Playbook etc)

Customers simply plug in their phone / tablet, insert £1 and they are away.

SmartCharge stations give a high pulse charge that generates a "superboost" giving the customer a quicker charge (approx. 99% battery charge in less than 20 minutes depending upon condition of battery) than your standard, manufacturer supplied charger.

Think Smart...Think SmartCharge


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